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Triumph Appliance Repair has been voted “#1 Appliance Repair Service in Bryan” by local media. Discover more about our service below:

Triumph Appliance Repair is a local appliance repair service in Bryan, TX. Our committed technicians are experts at fixing various types of household appliances and all of their various features. Our company believes in ongoing education and training as a core of our professional appliance repair services. After all, household appliances are starting to become smarter and smarter as the digital technology develops. It is very necessary for the team to be aware of these new developments.

We feel getting an appliance repaired should be a simple process. With Triumph Appliance Repair it’s easy. We fix all of the various appliance models to help get them running and keep them running for many years to come. Household appliances are extremely important to us, but often times we do not realize it until they are broken.

Based on Your Appliances

We believe in fixing household appliances rather than replacing them. There are a lot of very common things that will go wrong with a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer or dishwasher these days. Especially in this modern time of digital controls. There are simple sensors installed in appliances to help protect your home from fires. Often times it’s these sensors that can prevent your appliance from working. With our collection of high-quality tools, we are able to troubleshoot the problem and determine the cause with ease. We’ll next fix the problem and get your appliance back running right away.

We Work on all Models & Types of Appliances

Triumph Appliance Repair can repair all models of home appliances including:

Washing Machines
Ice makers

And, we cover just about all major brands as well. However, there are some home appliances made that aren’t able to be repaired. This is because of their factory assembly and the parts are embedded deep into the plastic bases. When calling, be sure to have your brand and model on-hand. This way we will be able to tell you if we aren’t able to repair the appliance. This doesn’t happen often, however, we believe in honesty and aren’t here to waste anyone’s time. If you are searching for an appliance repair company in Bryan you can trust, call us. We provide an honest diagnosis and affordable repair.

The brands we repair are:

And more …

If you have a troublesome appliance and you are not sure who to turn to, Triumph Appliance Repair is here! Our company has been in business for over a decade. We repair just about any model of home appliance with ease. And, we want to assist you too! Give us a call and have all of your information ready. Our experienced repairmen are very knowledgeable of all of the models of appliances and many issues.

There’s no need to throw older appliances out when there is an opportunity to repair them. Let our service make your old home appliances run like new again. Often times this is much less expensive than going out and purchasing new home appliances. And, this is far more convenient than shopping for new appliances. Give us a call.



We have ample experience as an appliance repair service in Bryan, Texas. This type of experience is only possible with time. Knowledge and familiarity of the models of appliances is important. This experience will help us get the job completed more quickly and affordable. Years of experience in appliance repair lets us diagnose several issues very fast as we’ve seen these same issues before. Nothing takes the place of professional experience and with 1000s of appointments under our belt, we are confident in our ability to repair all brands and models.

Continuous Training/Education

Having continuous training and education allows us to improve our understanding and knowledge of the latest technology. This is really important as appliances become “smarter” there are now more sensors and various parts that might break. Understanding how the newest technology operates allows us to diagnose problems and repair them even faster. This is important as the smart technology continues to advance and standard appliances come with even more components. We strive to be the very best appliance repair service. That is why we are always investing in our education of the latest appliances and repair applications.

Customer Recommended

Our professionals have been fixing appliances for a really long time. This experience is important because we work with several different models of appliances, makes and major brands. Customers appreciate what we have done for them and often recommend our services. We aim to do everything we can to make our clients happy and it is evident. Getting your home appliances repaired quickly with ease and being affordable is our motto. Many of our new customers are referrals from past appointments. And, we have several local commercial laundromats that call us for our washer and dryer repair services again and again. Call with 100% confidence. We offer references as well as you can check out our customer reviews online. We have many satisfied customers and hope to earn your trust too! We want to answer any questions or concerns you might have.


Our services are affordable. We are determined to be the very best at what we do. With our continued education and years of experience, we know within minutes what the issue likely is. This saves our clients time and money. Attempting to troubleshoot the issue without the proper knowledge and training might take a lot of time. Time saved is money saved for our clients. We won’t stop until an appliance is back up and running. It’s our mission to provide a great service that won’t break the bank. We believe that a good service doesn’t have to be unaffordable. Our quality service helps customers to spend less money.